Welcome to Learned Hands & the WBA


Learned Hands Podcast: the Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association is thrilled to announce the creation of the Westerosi Bar Association, our format for subscribing, supporting, and engaging with the podcast. You can learn more about our membership tiers and exciting perks, like exclusive merchandise and live episodes, here, on our benefits page. Long story short, in exchange for donating to approved organizations, you can become a member of the Westerosi Bar!

We at the WBA would like to encourage our listeners to donate to some organizations doing incredible legal work, like RAICES Texas and the Transgender Law Center, and so many others. We are having a donation drive! We will track every donation you make and email us about towards fun, Learned Hands content goals.


Westerosi Bar Association Pledge Drive

GOAL 1: $2500 in Total Donations

BRAND NEW MERCH. We like the Law almost as much as we like A Song of Ice and Fire but, do you know what we like even more? EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE. And that’s why if we reach the goal of $2500 in donations to approved organizations, we will release new merch that will be available for purchase at the Westerosi Bar Association shop.

We guess that by this time you should be clear that we are “Not your lawyers!”

Goal 2: $4000 in Total Donations

INVITATION. Once again, we will invite you to submit amicus curiae briefs to assist the court on the issues presented. Last time we had wonderful and thought-provoking briefs submitted by WBA members that helped the court to decide if GRRM is successful in asking meaningful questions about his character’s “tax policies”. Are you willing to help the court with advise, insights or expertise one more time?

Goal 3: $5000 in Total Donations

TRIAL! The trial episode about the Horny Offenses committed by Crown Prince Rhaegar “Wonderwall” Targaryen was a blast (and you know it)! Was that the reason you were eager to bring the usurper Stannis Baratheon on the defendant’s dock for murdering his sweet little brother Renly? Did Stannis get horny with the King’s Peach? You’ll find out soon.

Meanwhile, if we get $5000 in donations to approved organizations, you’ll have the chance to participate in our third trial. Who will be prosecuted this time? Jaime “the redeemed knight” Lannister, Otto “the beacon of Justice” Hightower, or Cersei “the merciful” Lannister? Would you like someone else to be brought before our Horny Court? Donate to approved organizations, pass the word, and get the chance to witness and mayhap, administrate the horny justice.


So, what are you waiting for? Make your donations and apply now!

Approved Organizations

Here is the current list of organizations we are supporting and have approved: