Announcing the WBA and Donation Drive Kick Off

Learned Hands Podcast: the Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association is thrilled to announce the creation of the Westerosi Bar Association, our format for subscribing, supporting, and engaging with the podcast. You can learn more about our membership tiers and exciting perks, like exclusive merchandise and live episodes, here, on our benefits page. Long story short, in exchange for donating to approved organizations, you can become a member of the Westerosi Bar!

So to kick off the WBA and encourage our listeners to donate some organizations doing incredible legal work, like RAICES Texas and the Transgender Law Center, we are having a donation drive! We will track every donation to you make and email us about towards fun, Learned Hands content goals.

GOAL 1: $1,000 in Total Donations

We will film a legal drama style opening spot set to our opening music, Drives by Clint’s band Sid Luscious and the Pants!

Goal 2: $3,000 in Total Donations

We will do a MOCK TRIAL episode, like a honest to goodness trial, with the topic to be decided by all members of the Westerosi Bar Association.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your donations and apply now!

Approved Organizations

Here is the current list of organizations we are supporting and have approved:

If you have a question as to whether a legal charity should qualify, please let us know! In general, we are interested in supporting underfunded charities or mutual aid networks that a) seek to increase access to the justice system for underrepresented folks, and/or b) seek to fight against existing injustices in the legal system.

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