Clint and Merry want to grow the Learned Hands Podcast and make our episodes more engaging and interactive … but neither one of us wants your money. Instead, in exchange for making donations to approved organizations who fight against injustice in the legal system, we want to give you membership in the Westerosi Bar Association!

After you sign up at any level, your Bar Number is yours forever. All other benefits (see, e.g., slack membership and episode voting rights) renew annually, just like in a real life Bar Association in the United States. So, if you sign up in July of 2020, your membership will be good through 2021.


$25 donation to an approved organization OR 300 – 500 word introduction of who you are in Westeros using two Westerosi legal concepts


  • WBA Bar Number and Printable Bar Card
  • Access to WBA Shop on Threadless

Amicus Curiae

$50 donation to an approved organization


  • All Esquire Tier benefits
  • Access to Learned Hands Pod’s Show Notes
  • Access to WBA Slack
  • Quarterly Exclusive LIVE episode


$100 donation to an approved organization


  • All Esquire and Amicus Tier benefits
  • Quarterly Ability to submit a BRIEF argument or question for the on-air consideration of Learned Hands
  • Vote on Quarterly Live Episode Topics
  • YOU BE THE JUDGE: via a moderated format, you get to interrupt us with LIVE QUESTIONS in the Quarterly LIVE epsiode

Approved Organizations

Here is the current list of organizations we are supporting and have approved:

If you have a question as to whether a legal charity should qualify, please let us know! In general, we are interested in supporting underfunded charities or mutual aid networks that a) seek to increase access to the justice system for underrepresented folks, and/or b) seek to fight against existing injustices in the legal system.

Become a Member