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BONUS Episode 24.5: "Expanse Season 6 Hype-Stream Audio" Learned Hands: The Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association

In which your Hands and friends get excited for Season 6 of the Expanse.Support the show (
  1. BONUS Episode 24.5: "Expanse Season 6 Hype-Stream Audio"
  2. Episode 24: “Dance Party, Vol. IV; Bloody Moves”
  3. Episode 23: "When I Tried To Cross The White Wall; The Free Folk, Refugees, and the Wall."
  4. Episode 22: "Horny Issues: the Hornwood Inheritance Crisis"
  5. Episode 21: "Know True Knights; Chivalry & Law in Westeros" feat. Dr. Shiloh Carroll
  6. Episode 20: "GRRM vv JRRT; The Quandary of Aragorn's Tax Policy"
  7. Episode 19: “Dance Party Vol. III; Dance 'til You’re Dead”
  8. Episode 18: "Dance Party Vol. II; One Flew Over The Coup Coup's Nest"
  9. Episode 17: “The Brotherhood Without War Crimez”, feat. BryndenBFish
  10. Episode 16: “Stop the Steal! The Election of Lord Commander Jon Snow”