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Episode 15.5: BONUS Horny Jail Livestream Audio Learned Hands: The Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association

In this very special BONUS LIVESTREAM, Merry & Clint give you the skinny on what went into Episode 15, the Horny Trial of Rhaegar Targaryen, including an update on the current jury voting, behind-the-scenes info on the cast, and much much more! Also included is:Comments from the jury themselves as to why they voted a certain way!So many dick jokes!A discussion as to who is the horniest character in ASOIAFMerry & Clint give you their favorite SCOTUS cases (that are both dirty!)The most profane explanation of the "conscious disregard" standard imaginable.Want to have access to/attend/appear in these livestreams in the future? Sign up for the Westerosi Bar Association at the Amicus Curiae Level or above! Voting for the trial episode is open until February 4. Vote today!CAST YOUR JURY VOTE HERE VIEW THE EPISODE TRANSCRIPT HERE Intro & Outro music courtesy Sid Luscious & The Pants.  None of this should be construed as legal advice OBVIOUSLY. Support the show (
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