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Episode 22: "Horny Issues: the Hornwood Inheritance Crisis" Learned Hands: The Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association

In this twenty second episode of Learned Hands, the Official Podcast of the Westerosi Bar Association, Maester Merry, Clint from Laws of Ice and Fire ask: What is the legal resolution of the Hornwood Inheritance CrisisOur analysis this week includes:Poor Donella Hornwood gets the respect she deserves.Your Hands lay out detail on the family trees of Halys Hornwood, Donella Hornwood, and one or two other surprise Westerosi heirs. Clint makes an extended analogy about feudal property rights and San Francisco real estate that might hit a little too close to home.We give everyone a refresher on the laws of succession and play Westerosi Bachelorette!George R.R. Martin pays the price for his lack of vision/respect for the common law.The True Legal Heir of the Hornwood is identified, alongside the (actual) likely successor.Merry gives a bonus lecture about copyright law!Clint makes a weird Ferris Beuller reference!So many puns.Supplemental reading: Heirs in the Shadows; Righteous in Wrath, by Good Queen AlyLearned Hands Episode 3: “The Wills of Winter”Learned Hands Episode 12: “Dance Party Vol. I; The Precedent That Never Was”Bumpers by Steven Stark. Intro & Outro music courtesy Sid Luscious & The Pants. None of this should be construed as legal advice OBVIOUSLY. Support the show (
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